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A friend has pointed out to me the following remark on this word: "In North America the season in which this [the fall of the leaf] takes place, derives its name from that circumstance, and instead of autumn is universally called the fall."
—John Pickering, A Vocabulary, or Collection of Words Which Have Been Supposed to Be Peculiar to the United States of America, 1816


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Post-Polio Health International

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Help us add to Polio Place: PHI is inviting you to send "Essays" about your polio experience for consideration of our new additional site - Polio Place. See examples at polioplace.org, Living with Polio, Relationships, Essays. If you have questions,

contact director@post-polio.org.


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Post-polio syndrome affects 7,000 people who 'don't have time to wait'


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Encyclopedia of Polio and PPS - Index by Subject


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University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories: Research Study Recruitment


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Tom House Presentation The healthy nervous system and the nervous system after an acute Polio illness with the after effects and the Post Polio Syndrome (PPS)(Video)


Access to Medical Care For Individuals With Mobility Disabilities


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PPS Internet Resources Updated 01/01/2017

NINDS Motor Neuron Diseases Information Page


How to File an ADA Complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice

Guide to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards

Guide to the ABA (Architectural Barriers Act)Standards


Network of Care For Seniors and People with Disabilities