2023 Akron Post-Polio Support Group Christmas Party


We had a wonderful Christmas Party once again!! We all ordered off the menu and as we waited for our yummy meals to be served, we munched on cheese and crackers and some delicious fruit punch. After we ate, there was a special door prize given as well as a few “surprise gifts” for some lucky people whose names were drawn. Then we began our “regular” gift exchange for all who wanted to participate and and watched the fun as it got underway. A few people even did some “switching” which was so much fun to watch too!.
Hope each of you had a great Christmas with your friends and families and we wish you a New Year filled with many blessings, especially happiness and good health! Thank you to Fred Glock who is always running around to catch neat photos of everyone (see below). He does a great job! Also, thanks to all our good bakers who brought lots of cookies – not a one matched another – so they were feasted upon and greatly enjoyed and most everyone took some home! The ladies did their usual great job of sharing calories to all!



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