The OPN Constitution


At the Ohio Polio Network Conference, on September 19th, we will have a Member meeting to elect the new Ohio Polio Network Board Members and to vote on the approval of the newly revised Ohio Polio Network Constitution.
OPN Constitution 
The Constitution of the Ohio Polio Network has not been revised since 1999. The OPN Board determined that extensive changes were necessary to bring the Constitution up to date with advances in the technology of communication including computer e-mail and conference call capabilities. Since there were numerous changes made throughout the document and to aid in the ease of reading the document, the Board decided to present the entire document as a replacement to the outdated version.
To prepare you to vote on the Constitution, we have placed a link to the pdf document on the website (see below) for your review.
Feel free to submit questions and comments regarding this document. The best way to present questions is to go to the "Contact Us/Request Information" page by selecting it using the link below.
Another way is to contact any Board Member regarding the Constitution.
In addition, we will have a special Membership meeting on May 2nd to answer any questions you may have. (See the annoucement of the meeting above)
Due to the time constraints on the day of the Conference, we will not have time to discuss the document at that time. We will be presenting the Constitution, as a whole, for the members to vote to approve or reject it.