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In Memorial


April 25, 1954 Massive Polio Vaccine Trial Begins in U.S.

April 12, 1955 Polio Vaccine Results Announced

April 12, 1955 From the Brink of Scientific Failure








Whatever Happened to Polio



Post-Polio Health International

Polio Place

Help us add to Polio Place: PHI is inviting you to send "Essays" about your polio experience for consideration of our new additional site - Polio Place. See examples at, Living with Polio, Relationships, Essays. If you have questions,




Restless Legs Syndrome and Post-polio Syndrome


Thousands With Disabilities To Get Rental Assistance


'51 Broughton grad shares story of surviving polio


Decades After Recovery, Polio Strikes Back


People with disabilities want appropriate accommodations


In Memory of Frederick S. Gallo (1939 - 2014)


In Memory of Marie M.Gessler (1929 - 2015)


In Memory of Jeremiah Allen Range (1944 - 2015)


Jim Gellner, Akron's dear and most wonderful post-polio member and friend has passed way


Doctors save the limb of 55-year-old farmer


Polio survivors band together for solace and strength


Long-standing poliomyelitis and psychological health Study NIH


This Day in History: February 23rd- Eradicating Polio


McMaster University - Polio Genomics Study Letter (pdf file)


When polio held Houston in fear


A path to pain


United Spinal Association Demands Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs in DC for Those With ALS, Other Spinal Conditions


A polio survivor speaks: 'Let them have the vaccine'


PPS Health


Local woman benefits from aquatic therapy


Post-polio by Jack Briggs


7 Examples of discrimination most people with disabilities experience every day

The Moblity Resource


Researchers crack code to halt infections by common cold and polio viruses


'It's going to change my life' - polio sufferer extols virtues of bionic leg


The Iron Lung


When Ike Trusted a New Vaccine


The Dangers of Not Vaccinating Your Child


Can We Ever Really Eradicate a Disease?


Polio once scourge of America's children


Polio and PPS: 1952 Survivor's Notes


Man with post-polio syndrome skis again


Binghamton native talks about surviving Polio


Fatigue and Functional Capacity in Persons with Post-Polio Syndrome


World War Two veteran who dedicated his life to helping polio sufferers to receive MBE


Watch Mario DeSantis play 'Auld Lang Syne': A tale of resilience, despite the echoes of polio


Helen W. Solomon (1917 - 2014)


St. John Providence Health System Symptoms of Post-Polio


Flagler College Radio disc jockey with post-polio syndrome signs off


Passion for babies births decades-long career


Polio: A Hidden Part Of Jamaican History


Dr. Ernest Johnson 1924-2014: Founder of Ohio State rehab unit was advocate for disabled


OPN and the Post-Polio Community mourn the passing of Dr. Ernest (Ernie) W. Johnson


The Salk Polio Vaccine: 'Greatest Public Health Experiment in History'


In Praise of Joni Mitchell


A-J Remembers: Polio patients fought hard for their victories


Itzhak Perlman honored with Salk Award


Carrollton group offers support, fellowship to those suffering from post-polio


New book -Three Quick Steps by Robert Emmett


Jonas Salk, the Polio Vaccine, and The Shot Felt 'Round the World'


8 Things You May Not Know About Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine


Vaccine-resistant polio strain discovered


Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle launch exhibition supporting the British Polio Fellowship


Post Polio Syndrome - the hidden legacy of a disease that cast a 50-year shadow


Post Polio Syndrome sufferer fights on despite debilitating condition


Local woman was Polio poster child nearly 70 years ago


Wildflower power against Post Polio Syndrome on the eve of PPS Day 2014


Oye! Health What Is Post Polio Syndrome? New Polio Québec Video


Rotary Club to celebrate Golden Anniversary


"Post-Polio Experts Present" posted on Polio Place during WERE STILL HERE! week


Polio survivors reunite in the Twin Cities


Illness is a life sentence


'The Roosevelts', Documentary Series on PBS


THE ROOSEVELTS: An Intimate History PBS September 14th


The Roosevelts An Intimate History (video)


Iron lung serves as polio reminder


Local polio survivor overcame challenges


Charles "Todd" Lee (03/11/1932 - 06/29/2013) Memorial


Abilities Expo Boston


'One in a Million:' Polio hasn't stopped Dietz from reaching out to help


Surviving on Kindness: Dallas man in iron lung recounts life guided by compassion


"I'm a fighter": 90 surgeries later, Corina Zalace hasnt let polio keep her down


Polio facts


'Disabled By Polio, But Enabled By Determination': How Paralympian Anne Wafula Strike MBE Can Inspire Us All


Remembering those who never forget: Polio survivors share their story


Ankle-foot orthoses that restrict dorsiflexion improve walking in polio survivors with calf muscle weakness



The Warm Springs Story: Legacy & Legend

Warm Springs 2005 Movie on YouTube


PolioToday.Org Tell Your Story


University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories: Research Study Recruitment


Polio Australia: What are the late effects of polio?

Mayo Clinic: Post-Polio Syndrome

British Polio: Polio & Post Polio Syndrome (PPS)


Upcoming Clinical Trial PPS

Post-Polio Health International Post-Polio Clinics


MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Post-Polio Program

Managing Post-Polio Chapter 1 Lauro Halstead, M.D.


Tom House Presentation The healthy nervous system and the nervous system after an acute Polio illness with the after effects and the Post Polio Syndrome (PPS)(Video)


United Spinal Creates UsersFirst Mobility Map: First On-line Tool for Wheelchair Consumers

Access to Medical Care For Individuals With Mobility Disabilities


Polio Australia's July 2014 Polio Oz News

The End Of Polio Sign the Petition



Polio and Post Polio Syndrome

Information about Post-Polio Syndrome

PPS Internet Resources Updated 03/01/2015

NINDS Motor Neuron Diseases Information Page


2014 Consumer Action Handbook (USA.Gov)

Laws and Regulations


NEW - How to File an ADA Complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice

Guide to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards

Guide to the ABA (Architectural Barriers Act)Standards


Network of Care For Seniors and People with Disabilities Ohio



Post-Polio Support Group Philosophy, Guidelines, and Resources Compiled by Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, Post-Polio Health International (2008)


 Post Polio Support Group Meetings



April 11, 2015 Akron Post Polio Support Group


April 11, 2015 Miami Valley Post Polio Connection


April 20, 2015 Mid-Ohio Valley Post Polio Support Group


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Saturday, May 2, 2015


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Post-Polio Conferences and Events


Ohio Polio Network Conference

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Philadelphia, OH

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Post-Polio Health International 11th International Conference Promoting Healthy Ideas


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European Conference on Polio Copenhagen Presentations 2011(videos)