2020 Ohio Polio Network Donors    
The Ohio Polio Network (OPN) would like to thank all our members. OPN would not exist without the receipt of annual dues from its members. Your contributions help to defray the cost of Post-Polio Conferences, the cost of the quarterly newsletter and the cost for maintaining the website. The following people and organizations have made donations to OPN since the December 2019 OPN Newsletter was issued. We would like to thank them for their generous donations.





Robert Boyce


Vivian Gray 


Victoria Stevens-Sommers  



Hank Deneski

Gladys Kiplinger 

Karen Swan 


Brenda Ferguson

Olivia Stevens-Sommers 


Nikki Wingerson 














Donors In Memory of Daniel P. Sedio




Tucker Ellis L.L.P. 

Joanne Emerick

Robert Perry




Karen Schell