In Memory of
Tammie Tschappat






Tammie Tschappat, born on April 15, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio to Alexander & Marie (Hutchison) Tschappat passed away May 2, 2016 after a very lengthy illness in nursing care.  She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother Timothy. Tammie has left behind a multitude of friends and her beloved dog Skippy. She was a member of Tallmadge United Methodist Church and one of her proudest moments was becoming a Stephens Minister.  She enjoyed traveling, especially to Walt Disney World and on cruises. Tammie took her dream trip to England after she retired from Ryerson Steel in 1999.  
Tammie and her brother were two of some of the first known children in Ohio to be stricken with polio in the 50’s, thus leading her to being active in polio and post-polio groups on the state and local level.  On the state level, she was a member of the Ohio Polio Network.  Then on the local level, being such a “people person”, Tammie greatly enjoyed being part of the Akron Post-Polio Support Group as well.  She was a member  for more than a couple decades and it was important for her to be with her fellow post-polio friends to discuss how to help and support one another.  When she was healthier, she was very active in its activities, though as her health waned, it prompted her to give up her home and go into permanent nursing care.  However, Tammie still stayed in touch with the support group members.  What’s so easy to remember about Tammie is her selfless way of putting others first.  Tammie leaves very sweet memories for members of the Akron Post-Polio Support Group, as she was a very tender hearted person and most grateful and appreciative for all of her blessings.

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