Recently, Nelson Sommers & Brenda Ferguson visited Ruth McCort at her home to present two very special awards to her. She is still not going out much yet since returning home after an almost year-long stay in rehab since having her leg amputated below the knee – so we thought why wait – we won’t delay the presentation any longer!

First, we gave her an award from the Akron Post-Polio Support Group in recognition of her many years of outstanding service to our organization. Since being a member from almost the start of the support group, she has actively participated in many different areas to help keep the group running smoothly, especially the financial area for several years. She did an excellent job of record-keeping and created/stored membership, dues, and lots of other info for us.

Next, we presented her an award from the Ohio Polio Network for her dedicated service to them. She was Secretary of OPN 2008-2010 and Treasurer from 2010-2015.

Due to her health circumstances, she made the difficult decision to resign from her position as Treasurer in both groups. She has always kept busy in the community and has especially been generous in lending a helping hand volunteering with Hospice at a local hospital volunteering untold hours over 10 years until just prior to her illness. She is also very active in her church activities.

Despite all she has been through – cancer, diabetes, polio and her leg amputation, Ruth is an example of a person with an incredibly positive attitude. She has remained cheerful and optimistic throughout this year long illness and we are happy to say, she is doing extremely well, and as soon as she becomes a little more mobile, she will be out and about and right back to doing all the things she loves.

Ruth, we all appreciate your many years of hard work and dedicated service to the Akron Post- Polio Support Group and the Ohio Polio Network – bless you for all you have done for us!



On behalf of the OPN Board, OPN members, and myself, I would like to add our sincere congratulations and thanks to you, Ruth, for your dedicated time effort and service to the Ohio Polio Network. I am sorry that I could not be there for the presentation of your award. Congratulations!

- Patrick Kelly, Ohio Polio Network President